This Slate Hate Bait Tweet Puts Dylan Roof & Donald Trump Side by Side and Calls Them Brothers


Say what you will about liberals, but you have to admit they have an impressive, near-Herculean ability to resist learning things. In that regard, Slate is truly among the greats.


In fact, Slate is so famous for their tone deaf liberal stridency there is a popular Twitter game called #SlatePitches where you come up with the absurd hot take they’d be sure to run with next. Whether it is thrashing Thanksgiving or explaining why, if you think about it, dogs are racist, there seems to be nothing they can’t be awful about, and no lesson to be learned from an election they can’t ignore.

Take, for example, this tweet from today.

I am not going to read this article. I want you to know that. I don’t think you should read it either. But we’ll get to that.

This tweet is fantastically useless. It is pure clickbait, in fact. They certainly aren’t going to persuade anyone. It can’t be taken seriously. It’s meant to make Trump voters and white people angry. It’s meant to make liberals of all stripes get that little satisfying rush of vicious, angry blood up. “Yeah! That murderer who shot up a church and Donald Trump are the same! So are his voters! So are ALL Republicans. YEAH!!!!”


Do we even need to do down the “what if a Republican compared Obama to ..” road?

Trump is not even in office yet and already it’s getting exhausting saying “this is why Trump won” but .. guys, this kind of crap right here is what people were rebelling against when they voted a douchebag like him into office. Do you think you’re helping your cause?

But of course, the answer is “no.” They don’t think they’re helping. They’re just posting hatebait.

So don’t read it. And when people say “why criticize something you didn’t read” just ask them how their fake news plugin is working.

This article is #hatebait. It’s like #clickbait or #fakenews but aimed specifically at the rage junkies. #Hatebait. That’s my new word for it. You heard it here first. Can you hear me, Facebook?


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