BREAKING: State Department Releases Hillary Clinton Emails Turned Up By FBI

The State Department has now released 357 of the 15,000 emails that turned up from Hillary Clinton’s server during the FBI investigation. A lot of the documents in the release are “near duplicates” of emails previously released by State.

The State Department on Thursday released 357 of the 15,000 Hillary Clinton emails uncovered by the FBI during its investigation into the former secretary of State’s personal email server.

From The Hill:

The newly released documents are records of emails sent or received by Clinton directly in her official capacity as secretary of State.

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has been pushing for all of the documents to be released before Election Day next week.

A federal judge last month ordered the State Department to review approximately 1,000 documents before Nov. 8, releasing in batches those that are subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that is driving their release.

Thursday’s is the third batch. The Department made public 75 emails, or around 270 pages, on Oct. 7 and about 112 emails or 240 pages on Oct. 21 — many of which were also “near duplicates” and contained little new information.

State officials are scheduled to review 350 more emails from the FBI files and publish what they are able to Friday. Thereafter, the agency will review 500 pages a month, producing as many relevant documents as exist in each batch.

Each batch is the result of a review of 350 pages ordered by U.S. District Judge James Boasberg.

To be clear, these are emails that the FBI uncovered after Hillary Clinton and Co. deleted them, along with over 29,000 more, claiming they were not work-related (a claim we now know to be false). Read more from The Hill here.

You can find and read the released emails and documents on the Department of State FOIA Documents list.

UPDATE: This was too good not to point out. I belly laughed.

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