The Comey Detonation

James Comey dropped a nuclear bomb on the 2016 Presidential race on Friday when he sent a letter to Congress and the world found out that the Clinton email investigation is being reopened.

To quickly dispose of Democrats’ disinformation campaign: yes, he sent the letter to Congress, not specifically to just Republicans; yes, the investigation is being reopened; yes, at issue is classified material in emails.

Emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, sent from his wife Huma Abedin, that went through Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which we know was used to transfer classified information insecurely and against protocol and the law, are being obtained and reviewed. FBI Director James Comey was briefed on Thursday last week, prompting his letter on Friday revealing that he felt he needed to update his testimony. The investigation into Hillary’s email server was reopened, (it was reopened) and (having been reopened) a warrant was obtained.

There are approximately 650,000 emails to go through, with no estimate (at the time of this post) on how many were from Huma, or went through Hillary’s server. It’s safe to assume far fewer. Much of the weekend was spent with Hillary Clinton claiming she wanted Comey to reveal what was in the emails, and everyone with common sense suggesting she ask Huma, who sent them.

Director Comey has stated that “the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant.” Which means they are investigating whether it has to do with the Clinton email scandal and the transmission of classified information. That’s what they are investigating. It’s passing absurd for Democrats to claim, therefore, that this has nothing to do with classified information. That is literally the nature of the investigation. A murder trial was a trial about murder whether the defendant was convicted or not.

This is the first time in American history that a major party nominee is under investigation by the FBI as the country is voting. Some early and absentee voting is, of course, already underway. While she is under investigation.

Clinton surrogates have been hammering the phrase “against protocol” as they launch an all-out assault on the formerly Democrat beloved Director Comey. When Comey delivered his prior litany of serious violations by Hillary Clinton, only to then say that there were to be no charges, Democrats loved him and Republicans hated him. In light of the new situation, that polarity has essentially reversed.

Of course, it’s not Comey’s fault this happened. As Jay Caruso fully explains, these surrogates and mouthpieces forget who is to blame.

Democrats and Hillary supporters online are, like Harry Reid, decrying this as a partisan move on the part of Comey to swing votes to Trump. In other words, they think that this thing is being manipulated. What’s that word I’m looking for? Oh right.


They think the system is rigged. Feel free to ask them why they are undermining democracy.

That’s a brief summary. Our front page is loaded with all the juicy details (and videos) so don’t neglect to check. But will it affect the election?

Yes. Conventional wisdom seems to be that Hillary’s scumminess is “baked in” (a phrase I hate) already, and that more evidence of her wrongdoing won’t change anyone’s mind. But if Trump is smart, and by Trump I mean someone at the campaign who is not Trump (Newt), they can spend this week hammering on the fact that Hillary is being investigated by the FBI. That this is unprecedented, and don’t we as Americans care about law and order and national security.

Of course, affecting the election and swaying it are two different things. Even if national opinion polling tilts in Trump’s favor, the question that must be asked is how will the electoral college shake out. At this point, his deficit is theoretically huge. Our latest update from Neil shows that, even with a shift back in Trump’s favor in one state, it’s still a major climb.

This nuclear bomb dropped by Comey is going to have an effect. It’s going to change Hillary’s last week of campaigning. It already changed her second to last weekend. It will change the ads that are run, both by Trump and down-ticket. And it will probably prompt some conservative opinion-makers to double down on Trump support, or perhaps change their minds and come out for Trump in opposition to Hillary.

But it still may be too late for Donald to win. If it is, Hillary can add another first to her list: First person elected President while being investigated by the FBI about on a matter of classified information and national security.

Again, we have much more for you on the front page here at RedState. I recommend you start with Jay’s taking to account here.

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