Trump's "Evidence" and Throwing Pence Under the Bus ... AGAIN


Trump’s bus has more kills than Snoopy in World War I. Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz … we could spend all day listing casualties. But today is a repeat victim: his own running mate Mike Pence.

First it was saying he never really wanted Pence on the ticket in the first place. Another big one was when he said Pence’s foreign policy views were wrong but they don’t really talk anyway. And today … this:

Pence says Trump will prove innocence:

Defending running mate Donald Trump, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence told TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie Friday that the evidence to disprove Trump’s accusers was just “hours” away from being made public.

You see how he’s sticking up for Trump here, defending him. He says the same thing dirtbag Jerry Falwell Jr. said on Thursday night, that there’s this big exculpatory evidence coming. You would think that would put him on Trump’s good side right?


Sorry, Governor, but Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks says that’s your words, not theirs.


The humiliation of Trump’s surrogates, spokespeople, employees and running mates just never ends. He forces his ridiculous public statements on them, and then humiliates them for enduring it.

Hmm. Guess that’s a pattern with him.

Eventually, there was a supposed eyewitness. We’ll tell you more about that clown show in a bit.

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