BREAKING: Hugh Hewitt Calls on Trump to Step Aside

This has now moved out of the realm of #NeverTrump, out of the realm of GOP officials, and into the realm of pundits. That’s bad news for Donald Trump.

Radio host and author Hugh Hewitt has previously stated his support for Trump. It would not be unfair to say that his support helped others swallow the bitter Trump pill. While he does not say “I won’t vote for him if he is the nominee,” he does say he should step aside.


This is a big one. Almost on the level of “if you’ve lost Hugh …”

Hewitt is echoing Mike Lee’s reasoning, which can best be summed up as “if this really is about stopping Hillary at all costs, then you must step aside because you can’t beat her anymore.”

It’s a compelling argument. And Hewitt doesn’t make such statements lightly. If he believes there is worse oppo coming, as most of us do, then there probably is.


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