WATCH NOW: 'Live Stream of Julian Assange Press Conference' on Clinton Campaign 'Death Blow'

UPDATE: Press conference and livestream have ended. Read the highlights and watch the videos here.

Multiple outlets now have live streams that they state will carry the Julian Assange press conference at about four in the morning, eastern time. (This story has been updated)


In case you missed it somehow, this press conference, originally set for London but moved to Berlin, might be where Assange, the founder of RussiaLeaks WikiLeaks, releases the supposed “damaging” information about Hillary Clinton. Trump folks have been beside themselves with anticipation, especially surrogate and confidante Roger Stone who called Assange his “hero” in a Tweet about this morning’s presser. Stone has repeatedly said that this would be a “”death blow” to the Clinton campaign.

See and judge for yourself, assuming this does indeed come through with the live event. (Which may not happen today.)


I make no assessment of the ethics or morality of the event, merely its newsworthiness as an event that is happening. For all we know, he’s going to say he changed his mind and give the world a Coke. Or he’ll say he’s going to bury us and our children will speak Russian.

You be the judge.

Hat tip to Jeff Poor on Twitter.

(the times listed in this post and the particular live stream have been updated, because the first one we embedded suddenly started streaming InfoWars.)


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