Trump Does Collapsing Hillary Clinton Impersonation During Saturday Night Speech [VIDEO]

In Pennsylvania on Saturday night, Donald Trump went off script, and off teleprompter, during a speech before a packed and partly Amish audience that shows he’s still not ready for the big presidential pivot you’ve heard so much about.


During the speech, he laid into the Clintons, including both Bill’s infidelity and Hillary’s health, even suggesting she “could be crazy.” Which is fine. It’s not like people don’t suggest that he is crazy. I bet a lot of people have said he’s crazy. Heck, some might even have diagnosed it and urged treatment or prescribed medication. I mean who knows, right?

The highlight, though, was Trump doing an impromptu impersonation of Hillary collapsing after leaving a 9/11 memorial event in New York City.

And look, if you think that’s good (or bad), just wait until November. If Trump is elected, you’ll see him do the best impersonation of a Clinton ever. And it will last four years.

Happy 2016 everybody!!


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