Winners and Losers from Tonight's First Presidential Debate

Tonight Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in their very first Presidential debate. There were a lot of interruptions, it was contentious, they agreed on some weird things, disagreed on some obvious things, and generally didn’t really teach us anything about themselves or about their candidacy. At least not those among us who have been following the election closely so far.


Neither candidate was a winner or a loser. They both get “participation trophies.”

THE MEDIA: The real winner tonight was the media. They have soundbites galore, content for days, and endless analysis ahead. They had a huge audience and I’m sure huge ratings. And they never pay a price for being biased or unfair.

ATTACK AD MAKERS: Oh boy. If you are in the business of making attack ads, you are about to be rich, rich, rich. From their agreement on no-fly gun control to Trump blowing it on the housing crisis to Hillary blowing it on everything else, it was made for attack TV.

HARD CORE SUPPORTERS: If preaching to your own choir counts for anything, then tonight was a huge success. Each candidate’s base came out a winner, with plenty of fodder to bash the other side and lots of good quotes to use on Twitter and Facebook for days. For Americans who haven’t paid attention, though, it was a lesson in how awful this election really is. (see below.)

SEAN HANNITY: Trump said your name, Sean. SQUEE!!


GUN RIGHTS ADVOCATES: See Brandon’s post about the lists.


AMERICA’S REPUTATION: These two could not have been less likable. Hillary was awkward, her “emulate human emotion” chip malfunctioned multiple times, and she can’t deliver a killing blow line to save her life. Donald, on the other hand, was too emotional, temper driven, surly, quick to interrupt, and bad at facts and information.

SEAN HANNITY: Everybody refuses to call him.

There are some posts up already having to do with the debate and we will have more. The bottom line is, everybody thought this debate would finish Trump off and it didn’t. This is not going improve his standing in the polls (in my view) but he’s going to be standing to fight for another day.



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