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On Tuesday, Donald Trump revealed his new child care plans which included, controversially, not just paid maternity leave but also an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and in the intervening two days his big mouth name supporters have all praised his genius and savvy and awesomeness effusively, as is their wont.


It is a funny thing, though. These loudmouth buffoonish hypocrite famous supporters previously weren’t so keen on the idea of government mandated paid maternity leave, or many of these other big government policies they now adore. And the internet remembered. So let’s stroll down memory lane why not?

This first one is my personal favorite:


There’s really nothing to add to that besides “Bwa ha ha ha.”

Here’s another good one:


That was before. How does she feel now?

And by, the way, for a nice bonus? Guess who:

Old Sean (and his pal Bill O’Reilly) think the new child care plan is awesome now.

As Leon outlined, Trump isn’t merely talking about paying less in taxes. He’s talking about people who already have zero tax liability getting a credit. And not just for child care, he’s bragging out loud about there being left over money from it to spend as you wish. FREE MONEY GUYS!!!


Let’s see what Sean Hannity, who is very conservative for real y’all, reacts to that information.

Hannity tries to guide Trump to answer with the correct spin, but you can’t lead that horse to water or anything else. He just flat out brags that he’s handing out dollar bills and Hannity doesn’t press him on it one bit. Because when your show is just a campaign organ, you don’t ask questions. You just do what your boss tells you. And Trump is the boss.

But it’s not just the sycophant. Rush, too, has abandoned his listeners and their values. Again.

Don’t click through to read that whole post unless you’ve had a good breakfast. Nausea may ensue. (Here’s a palliative if you did.)

So, now that Trump has folded on the Second Amendment at least once, folded on immigration once (his signature issue!) and now is folding on big government and entitlements, Laura Ingraham has something to say to you.


Pointing out that Trump is going to do Democrat things in Democrat ways and betray his promises, and that he already has betrayed them over and over, means you are a terrible person. In the universe of Trump politics, there’s only one true evil, and that is being someone who does not praise Trump. That’s it. Everything else, every other principle, is negotiable. The only thing you can’t do is criticize Dear Leader. Or Daddy. Or God. Whatever they happen to get off on calling him today.


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