Trump's "Detailed Policy Address" on Immigration Was Definitely a Rally Speech [FULL VIDEO]

When Donald Trump took the stage tonight, he promised something new and different. “This won’t be a rally speech, per se,” he said. “Instead, I’m going to deliver a detailed policy address.”


Shortly thereafter, he detailed grisly crimes committed by illegal immigrants, suggested that we deport Hillary, asked “what the hell are we doing” and told people he would make them “proud of America again.”

So, you know, not so much.

He did go over a list of numbered points that could arguably be called policy, explaining changes he would make, laws he would enforce, and the posture his administration would take. But as sober, detailed policy addresses go this one was chock full of bravado, rhetoric, applause lines, and bombast. Which may, come to think of it, be as close as he can get.

Some of his ideas are good (enforcing existing laws), some are unrealistic (big beautiful wall), and some he totally chickened out on during his meeting in Mexico (they’ll pay for the big beautiful wall.) In every way, his tone and his rhetoric were the opposite of what he presented earlier today in Mexico. Most notably, this:


… which you have to suspect was a direct response to this.

Nevertheless, like his trip to Mexico, this will play well for him. As Trump speeches go it’s about the most you can hope for, not boring, not devoid of specifics. He did himself some favors today while simultaneously screwing up and acting like a fool. He got good and bad press, and millions listened to his message. In other words, he was maximum Trump.

In any case, judge for yourself. Here’s the full video:


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