Holy Wow: South Carolina in Tightest Presidential Contest in Nearly FORTY YEARS

South Carolina is one of the reddest states there is. A Republican stronghold. A conservative stronghold. Like Utah, no one ever gives serious consideration to the idea of a Democrat winning the state in a presidential election.




The word we use is “competitive” and for basically the first time since 1980, South Carolina is. Competitive, I mean. Which it never is.

PPP has Trump over Hillary 41% to 39%. Gravis has Trump up by four at 46 to 42. And Feldman, released yesterday and commissioned by the Democrats, has Donald and Clinton tied at 39%.

In 1980 Reagan won South Carolina, of course. But if last year you had predicted Hillary being within two in South Carolina in August, you’d have been laughed out of the business. Yet here we are. Competitive. In South Carolina. In August.

Nice job, GOP!



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