'You Should Be Hung': Top Trump Ally and NY Campaign Co-Chair Sends Vicious Threat to Anti-Trump Delegate

Politician, millionaire, and Trump devotee Carl Paladino unleashed hell on a delegate who had the gall to oppose Trump, reports WGRZ’s Danny Spewak. See for yourself:

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The “hung for treason” bit, like grammar errors (it should be “hanged”) is nothing new on the nastier side of Trump Twitter. In fact, the charge of treason for not supporting Trump is pretty commonplace. And they told everyone their intent to threaten and intimidate delegates in Cleveland.

But from Donald Trump’s New York campaign co-chair, and sent specifically to a delegate, and with the literal threat of confrontation, takes it to a new and more sinister level. Although not, apparently, entirely new for Paladino, who also said the Attorney General should be “lynched”.

By the way? He’s not just a Trump campaign co-chair. He’s on the credentials committee.

Williams told RenewAmerica, “The message sounded like it came from a mobster,” and added, “This is just more evidence that the Trump campaign relies on bullying tactics and inspires violence. It’s just more ‘dirty tricks’ from a campaign that doesn’t play fair – something my article documents.”

Reportedly, Paladino has also bullied other delegates who support a conscience vote at the GOP convention, warning them “there’s going to be a war” if they continue. He said, “I’d certainly whack them if they went off the reservation.” (“Whack” is often construed to mean kill, in mob jargon. In the context at issue, it’s clearly meant to suggest some measure of violence.) Recently, a fellow delegate Williams has worked with received a threatening email from Paladino telling her “Your treacherous goal will not be forgotten.”

Remarkably, these are the words of a member of the convention’s Credentials Committee, on which Paladino sits in judgment of other delegates’ right to participate.

Stefani Williams was part of the movement to Free the Delegates, which is no longer a possibility. It has not stopped Trumpers from lobbing threats, though.

Anyone familiar with social media is accustomed to the vitriol and violent rhetoric that comes from the rabid Trump ranks. It’s not super surprising to see THAT travels up the stream.

From Trump’s “mainstream” supporters this, like a million other things, will be quietly ignored. For the party, you see. Because Hillary, you see. Shameful, you damn well know.