VEEP: Trump Plays Up Mike Pence's Front-runner VP Status in Last Few Seconds of Speech in Indiana (VIDEO)

Tonight, in Indiana, Donald Trump gave a standard Trump stump speech. It was repetitive, contained all his usual routines and antics, and was unremarkable in almost every way. There was virtually nothing worth reporting from it, other than to say he continues to pitch one thing to his audiences and a different thing to the press and an even different thing to GOP leaders, and totally get away with all three of his two-faces.


But at the very end, he did acknowledge that everyone was tuning in and watching or just waiting to see if he named Gov. Mike Pence as his Vice Presidential nominee, which he did not do. But he played with it.

I’d say that confirms Pence is on the shortest of short lists. But drawing it out until the end, he was able to suck up news all afternoon and evening, and still has the second bite at the apple when he actually chooses in what appears to be a race between Pence and Newt alone.

So once again, he played the MSM like a fiddle. I’m not saying that takes any sort of genius to do. But it is what happened.


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