UPDATE 12: There are now known to be 11 police officers shot, five of whom are deceased. One civilian was also injured. At 5 in the morning on the east coast, one suspect was still “holed up” and police were “negotiating” with him. He has reportedly told law enforcement several times that “the end is near.”

Original story and updates below:

This is absolutely shocking. It appears to be the case that two police officers have been shot during a protest in Dallas following two recent police shootings.

This video is truly upsetting, so be warned.

UPDATE 5: This video from Facebook is unbelievable. The man filming, Michael Bautista, is currently being interviewed on KDFW in Dallas. We’ll try to bring you an update from that interview (below).

This post will be updated every few minutes, so hit refresh if you’re looking for the latest info.

UPDATE: Reports now on Fox News that potential shooter potentially has body armor. Police are crouched behind vehicles and definitely taking cover.

UPDATE: From Sooper, you can hear the gunfire. This is bad. Pray for Dallas tonight.

UPDATE 3: Source tells Fox News that shooter may have had a rifle and could have been firing from cover. Police have the building in question surrounded and officers may be preparing to enter. The information is confused at this point so that report could change.

UPDATE 4: The building where the shooter is believed to be is a parking garage near the Bank of America building in downtown Dallas. Reports indicate as many as a dozen shots were fired. The scene is absolutely considered to be an “active shooter” situation at this time 9:44 Dallas time.


UPDATE 7: A “number” of police officers have been shot according to KDFW Dallas, and police are believed to be actively negotiating with a SECOND shooter.

UPDATE 8: KDFW is reporting 3- 6 officers shot, multiple with “grave” injuries. Sean Rabb reports:

“There are three to six officers, as many as six officers, five officers maybe, who are gravely wounded according to my sources. It is not going to be a good night in the city of Dallas.”

“We believe they are still looking for one or both [shooters]. I am telling you that this is going to be an horrific night in the city of Dallas.”

UPDATE 9: DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) has officially confirmed that three of their police officers have been shot, with non life-threatening injuries. One officer has been killed. Please offer your prayers in this truly tragic situation.

Police release photo of suspect, now presumed innocent.


Three dead, two are in surgery, three are in critical condition. – KDFW


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