Fox News Poll Showing Hillary Whomping Trump Riles Fox News Trump Fans, Reports Fox News

A new Fox News poll was released tonight showing Hillary with a big and growing lead over Donald, which most polls have been showing for some time despite a dissent this morning. Here is Fox News reporting on the Fox News poll:

A six point lead is nothing to sneeze at, and is outside the margin for error, although it’s a smaller lead than a lot of other recent polling, some of which shows Trump losing by double digits.

The Trump spin doctors aren’t too happy about this poll, though, including Trump boosters at Fox News (which is nearly everyone there) and at least one is saying so. Mercedes Schlapp was on Special Report tonight and said of the poll that it reflects poorly on Hillary rather than Trump because reasons.

Here is Fox News reporting on that:

The fact that he isn’t losing by more shows how much he’s actually winning? Hilarious.

You know what I can’t wait for? Hannity’s report on the poll. He has three choices: ignore it, trash it, or like Mercedes, spin it. What he won’t do is blame Trump for Trump’s numbers. None of them will. Even though he’s unquestionably the problem. As Trump shill Mercedes Schlapp noted in her Special Report appearance, Trump is still losing the support of members of his own party.

Tell me about it.

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