DUMB: MSNBC's Joy Reid (and fans) Actually Thought This AR-15 Istanbul Tweet Was A Real Thing

If you don’t understand this tweet, you’re part of the problem.

I sent that this afternoon after CNN’s Jake Tapper reported the information that the terrorists (two were known at the time, but it has since come to light that there were three) were armed with AK-47s. Kalashnikov rifles. Lately, the media has not only been in a frenzy to blame the rifle for everything, including sentience, but name every rifle in America an “AR-15” in order to demonize the weapon and, by extension, the NRA. So I was being snarky about it. How I do.

Only they are so caught up in their bubble they didn’t realize it. Joy Reid of MSNBC retweeted it, and her supporters took it seriously. In one since-deleted reply someone stressed how sick it was the the NRA wanted to let people own these terrible AR-15s that were used in the Istanbul attack, although I have to admit my favorite was this one, which I thought at first was more snark. But nope, turns out no such luck. This person was dead serious.


I mean, either dead serious or they run the most well-disguised troll account in history

Now, you may think “well I’m sure that Joy Reid was retweeting it to highlight it, not because she believes it” but she didn’t correct her supporters who bought in. And you can see from the context of her feed it was a news item in her mind. Clearly in her mind and theirs, it is totally believable that Kalashnikov is the Turkish word for AR-15.


Gun control nuts don’t ever know what they are talking about. They are emotional people reacting to things, not reasonable people taking reasonable positions. Which is all the more reason that you should never believe for a second that they want “common sense” gun control. They don’t know the meaning of the phrase.

By the way? Here’s her “pinned” tweet:


“Merchants of death.” She has no idea what she’s talking about. Like pretty much every gun control nut out there.

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