TERROR: 36 Dead, 147 Wounded in TRIPLE SUICIDE BOMB ATTACK in Istanbul (VIDEO) **updated**


The third largest airport in Europe appears to be under attack in Istanbul, Turkey. It is already generally considered to be an act of terror, though the specific group behind it is not known at this time, according to an on-air report from CNN. **Updated below: suicide attacks, death toll released**

NTV in Turkey reports at least two explosions and multiple injuries. The situation is still active and we will update as more information becomes available.


The fact that taxis are driving wounded would seem to indicate a high number of wounded, too many for what is already described by the Turkish government as a very large emergency response.


UPDATE 3: According to an unnamed Turkish official speaking to CNN, two attackers attempted to get through security at the international terminal, there was a confrontation, and gunfire was exchanged, after which the two individuals detonated suicide bombs.

UPDATE 4: Turkish interior minister says the death toll now stands at 10.

UPDATE 5: Turkish official confirms to CNN Turkey that at least one of the suicide bombers opened fire before detonating.

UPDATE 6: Death toll is now at 28, with over 60 injured.

UPDATE 7: The death toll is officially 36 now, with 147 wounded. It has also come out that there were three suicide bombers, not two.

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