Turns Out 29% of Democrats Aren't as Dumb as We Thought, Shows Surprising New Poll


This morning, Fox tweeted the results of a new Gallup poll on how people view the attack that took place on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida last Sunday. While your initial reaction, like mine, might be to just throw your hands up in disgust and seek out the Sweet Meteor of Death, there is actually some good news here.


Again, the first reaction is probably disbelief that anyone could consider this anything other than an act of radical Islamic terror given the overwhelming proof that it was exactly that. But considering the massive drumbeat from Democrat politicians blaming guns, including the President’s own statements, and the near-total unified message from the mainstream media saying the same, the fact that almost a third of Democrats are still aware enough to blame Islamic terror is actually pretty good news. Or as Gallup put it:

Given Republicans’ more lopsided views, Americans as a whole tilt toward describing it as a terrorist act.

Most Americans view the radical Islamic terror attack in Florida as an act of radical Islamic terror. That is good news. Ideally this wouldn’t even be in doubt, but we are where we are.

What’s more, Gallup makes an interesting point when breaking out the numbers from the poll.

At least six in 10 Americans also believe increasing U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State or ISIS, changing state gun laws to allow more people to carry concealed weapons, and passing new laws to make it harder to buy assault weapons would be effective in preventing a repeat of the Orlando attack.


The fact that a majority of Americans think allowing more people to carry concealed weapons would be a good thing is downright excellent news and shows an unexpected embrace of reality. Moreover, the fact that people believe increasing our own attacks on ISIS will help, you know, defeat ISIS, shows the same. The thinking on making it “harder” to buy “assault” weapons is an artifact of our media. You must remember that people believe the first two in the face of MSM opposition, and the third with MSM saturation advocacy.

Here are breakdowns on that:

A very interesting poll. Americans are not letting the MSM dictate their beliefs. Only Democrats are doing that. And not even all of them.

Or to put it more succinctly, it ain’t great, or even good, but it could be worse.


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