As Gun Grabbing Fever Grips Dems, AR-15 Sales Go BALLISTIC

An increase in sales of guns and ammo should not be any sort of surprise this week. Between an Islamic terror attack in Orlando and a frenzy among Democrats to blame responsible gun owners and American Christians for that attack, stocking up on guns and ammo is a predictable, and reasonable response. But this is no small bump. And it’s not in just one location. Or even just one demographic.


First, this report from Fox:

Wallace claimed that he has sold more than 15 AR-15’s per hour and may know the reasons as to why there is such a rise in sales.

“[People] are afraid that the government is going to take [guns] away and there are folks that are in fear because of the times that we are living in today and those are two big reasons,” he said.

That’s a lot of AR-15s. And that’s just one location. The Toledo Blade reports the same phenomenon taking place locally.

“The ARs are going through the roof. Sales are strong for the week so far,” said Mr. Bruning, who also teaches gun-safety classes. Several buyers were purchasing parts to assemble their own assault rifles because if restrictions are passed, the parts will be grandfathered in, he added.

Keith Helminski, owner of Shooters of Maumee, a public gun range, said he spoke with several gun wholesalers on Wednesday who indicated they expect a surge in gun sales because of calls for gun control.

“I think the smart money is hedging. They said they are building up some inventory just in case,” Mr. Helminski said. “It’s mostly driven by the elected officials on the boob tube.”

Fox 31 in Denver reports skyrocketing news sales as well, to a particular demographic.

George Horne, the owner of The Gun Room, Denver’s oldest firearms dealer, said Tuesday business is booming at his store.

“For this time of year I’d say its three to four times what we normally have,” he said.

Background checks that once took minutes can now take hours. It’s a sales surge similar to what happened after Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater shootings.

“We’re not surprised by it,” Horne said.

However, what’s different this time around is the clientele. Mike Smith, a firearms instructor in Colorado Springs, is one of many closely tracking the sudden surge in gays and lesbians buying weapons.

“I think right now because of what happened, people are looking for answers,” he said. “You walk into a gun shop and you expect to see people, frankly, who look like me. I think we forget we’re a country of all people, not just people who fit that predetermined mold.”


How’d that filibuster work out for ya, fellas?

When politicians talk about taking away guns, the American people respond with dollars. Across all sorts of demographics. The fact is, we mean to defend ourselves. Whether from ISIS terrorists from abroad, or nannies here at home.


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