New Narrative: It Can't Be Islamic Terrorism, the Shooter was Gay!


Democrats have fought no battle more vigorously in the War on Terror than that of convincing you there is no such thing as terror. Or rather, unless a white guy did it. This has been especially true since Sunday, when they have focused on every possible thing besides the shooter’s overt radical Islam motivation, including guns, Christianity (seriously), and now … “he was gay!”

The logic, such as it is, goes like this: Omar Mateen was probably gay, and obviously a repressed, closeted gay man, and obviously that’s because of Christians refusing to make cakes and therefore this wasn’t ISIS-related.

It’s so dumb spelled out that it’s hardly worth refuting. But let’s do it anyway.

ISIS and Al Qaeda, our liberal friends may be shocked to learn, do not go to Bel Air and offer free poodle makeovers in exchange for acts of terror. They just don’t. Sorry. Instead, they target a certain type of individual: disaffected, struggling, unstable, angry, prone to violence, and seeking redemption. You know, sort of like a closeted gay man from a Muslim family might be. Someone who goes to a mosque that encourages throwing gay people off of the roofs of buildings. Someone who wants to be forgiven by God for a sinful desire deep in his heart. Someone like Omar Mateen, you guys.

That is much more than being tortured by a repressed sexuality. There are more troubles in a man who kills than a single pressure, and there are more influences in creating a terrorist than just one’s own pain. Many people repress things, tamp down emotions, or reject themselves in total. It is part of the human condition. But how many of them kill 49 people in a nightclub? How many people, because of being closeted, turn into mass killers?

Now, how many people because of their radical Jihadist beliefs have become mass killers?

You see the problem here? But even if you were to argue that it was strictly repressed homosexuality were the real culprit here, it’s still beyond the scale of absurd to blame Christians and religious freedom laws. Why would you think he was more impressed by and under the influence of gay marriage debates than he was by the preaching from the pulpit of his own faith? The words weekly told to him with the weight of God behind them in his own place of worship? From his own faith leader? From his own parents and community. Even if you granted that societal or social pressure to be straight turned him into a monster, that society and social circle was Islamic in nature, not Christian. It was fellow Muslims, not Christians, preaching to his ears and beseeching his eyes skyward. Not to God of the Bible but Allah of the Quran.

It’s a ridiculous argument, and it comes from a place of cowardice and hate. The American left hates the Christian faith and they hate those who subscribe to it. There is a total package – white, Christian, male, gun-owner – that they reject as human and against whom all struggles must be made. The one and only true enemy. In the wake of Orlando, they are attacking the only enemy they are prepared to recognize. They started with guns. Then they moved on to Christianity. And even “toxic masculinity.” And now back to Christianity as the keepers of the closet. Anything but the terrorist. Anything but the terror group who inspired and instructed him. Anything but that.

It’s the only thing they know how to do. And the only enemy they don’t cower before. I wonder why that is?

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