Democrats Shout Down Speaker Ryan and Protest Moment of Silence to Demand More Gun Control [VIDEO]

Democrats tonight broke out into shouts and disruption immediately after the House observed a moment of silence, during which several Democrat members walked out rather than observe it.


From the AP:

A handful of Democrats left the House floor during the moment of silence, including Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes. Himes said earlier Monday in an interview that he’s done with the moments typically held on the House floor after mass shootings, calling them “obnoxious expressions of smug incompetence” and the perfect metaphor for congressional inaction on guns.

Utterly gross. I’m sure their rabid, fanatic, gun-grabbing base are all titillated by this display, but it’s nothing more than capitalizing on tragedy so they can grasp for their own political gains.

Forty-nine people were killed by a radical Islamic extremist from a Taliban-loving family and a mosque that has produced other terrorists. In response, Democrats who never let a crisis go to waste have decided to fear-monger about the particular item he used to carry out his religious terror attack so they can make money off of a political power play. To do that they protested a moment of silence and then sent the chamber into chaos.


Symbols do mean something. People are rightly angry when someone burns the American flag. We speak of respecting the Office of the President even when we disagree with the person who occupies it. And a moment of silence in the halls of our government means something, too. Some Democrats chose not to honor that.

Now watch your inbox for the fundraising emails.


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