Your Sunday Morning Poll Results: How The Quickening is Shaping Up


This a new feature we’ll be running for the remainder of the election, giving you the roundup of the polling results of the previous week in the race for the White House.

It’s Sunday, June 12, and this is your Sunday Morning Poll Results Roundup and Despair Extravaganza! This week, the race to the White House is overshadowed by the Race to the Bottom as Trump goes unhinged over .. well, race, and Hillary can’t find a right to bear arms in the constitution but does find a right to abort babies. There were many other controversies on both sides, but Trump’s Curiel comments have had more time to fester so let’s see what’s happening.

And here we go …

Reuters Daily Poll

For the last week, here are the numbers (animated GIF):

As you can see, Hillary enjoys a steady climb starting on Tuesday, the day of the California primary. And she enjoys a healthy and steady lead over Donald. At no point in the course of the rolling daily results has Trump held the lead over Hillary.

Fox News
On Friday, the latest Fox poll was released on Thursday, and it has Hillary up by just 3 points.


On the week, Trump is headed down while Hillary is headed up or maintains. A common theme this week. In this case, the three point spread is within the margin of error, however.

Rasmussen Reports has Clinton up by four, 42 to 38. As we noted on Thursday, it is a climb for her and a drop for him.


Clinton’s lead drops when you poll with all three candidates, suggesting for a second time in the last few weeks that third party candidate can hurt her as much or more as it hurts Trump. Especially in light of the potential defection of disaffected Sanders supporters.

RCP Average
This week the RCP Average stands has Hillary Clinton up by 3.8, at 44.1 to Donald Trump’s 40.3. In the three way race with Libertarian Gary Johnson, it’s Hillary 39.0, Trump 36.5, and Johnson at 9.0. That gives Clinton a lead of +2.5. Her lead narrows.

And that’s the poll update for Sunday, June 12. Hillary still has the lead over Trump, or in some cases a statistical tie, and even with Gary Johnson in the mix she stays ahead by a smaller margin. The daily tracking shows a boost after Obama’s endorsement, but not a huge one. Trump suffered from Curiel, but was not devastated, which shows resilience even now. And of course, we all are reminded of what a terrible choice we face in November.

Eat at Arby’s.

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