White House's Sad Attempt to “Clarify” Admission of Hillary Clinton Being Under “Criminal Investigation” [VIDEO]

At today’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest attempted to “clarify” his remarks from yesterday regarding Hillary Clinton.


As streiff reported in his story that almost broke the internet, Earnest stated that Hillary was under criminal investigation. His remarks came on the same day President Obama endorsed her, so I’m sure that was a fun conversation for Earnest. Earnest was asked about it today.

“It seems to have raised some eyebrows at the Republican National Committee,” says Earnest, in typical Democrat fashion pretending like this very serious situation is just partisan bickering. Watch the rest of the weaseling:

Um .. the point that I was making, is that the ongoing investigation at the Department of Justice is one that is being conducted independent of any sort of political interference, and any sort of … the President has complete confidence that the individuals who are responsible for conducting that investigation – these are career employees at the Department of Justice, these are individuals who understand that they should not be swayed by anything the President has to say.

The President of the United States wants them, and is confident that they will, in fact, pursue the facts, follow the evidence, and lead to a conclusion that is supported by the facts and the evidence.

The reporter, Justin Sink of Bloomberg, followed up his question by asking again whether Earnest knows “whether or not this is a criminal inquiry.” Earnest “clarifies”:


I would have no insight into that because I am not getting any sort of briefings from the Department of Justice about that ongoing investigation.

Oh yeah, that’s totally believable, Josh. Just as a reminder, here is what Earnest said yesterday.

… And that’s why the President when discussing this issue in each stage has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference …

It’s an FBI investigation that could lead to criminal charges and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest literally called it a “criminal investigation.” His clarification doesn’t even refute that characterization. He merely downgraded from “it’s criminal” to “I’m no expert”.

Just remember, we’re talking about the Democrats’ presumptive nominee here. The White House can’t even state that she’s not being criminally investigated by the FBI.

If 2016 were any more of a cluster we could sell it as a breakfast cereal.


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