POLL: Utah Really, Really Doesn't Like Donald Trump

The good and noble people of Utah, who overwhelmingly voted for Ted Cruz in their primary, just do not like Donald Trump. They did not then, and they haven’t warmed up since. And not surprisingly, they like Hillary even less, as a new Gravis poll shows:


If you had to vote today in a matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who would you vote for?


Hillary is in the doghouse, but you should note Trump is beating “other” by only 1 point. OTHER. On a question that specifies it would be a contest between just the two of them. That means in the reddest of all red states, Utah, voters dislike Trump so much they can barely tolerate him even as the only alternative to hated Hillary. But there’s more.

If you had to vote today in a matchup between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson, who would you vote for?


Uh oh. Down to a two point spread. And Johnson hasn’t even campaigned yet.

And just so we’re clear about who we’re talking about here:

In 2012 Romney won Utah by 48%. With three people in the race, which there ARE, Trump is at 29 and tied with “other.”

Utah really, really doesn’t like Donald Trump.


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