Rush Limbaugh: 'REAL' Women Like Donald Trump

Bro. wat.

Rush Limbaugh made quite a claim today, stating that real women like Donald Trump. So if you don’t like Trump, well …

To summarize, “real” women like Trump because he’s a “real” man because he isn’t “afraid” to say insulting things. OK.

Here’s a transcript, from

You know, I have a theory, folks. I think one of the reasons that real women — and let me define “real woman.” I’m talking about the non-feminist, the non-victim-feeling woman. Just a woman happy with herself, happy being a woman, wants to be in a relationship. You know, what we’ve always thought of as women. Not activist, not angry, not… I mean, look. You know what I mean. I mean, not left-wing activist, feminazi-type women. You know the type of women I’m talking about, don’t you?

I mean, just the girl next door. The businesswoman, the woman that’s confident, the woman that likes herself. Those are the kind of women we’re talking about here. (interruption) Okay, wholesome American woman. (interruption) “Beautiful in the eyes of someone.” Yes, absolutely. I’m not talking about women that are angry, that feel like they’re victims of something that think men are the biggest obstacles they face on earth and so forth.

I mean, there’s all kinds of people. And women tend to get typecast as monolithic. And the liberals are the ones that do it. The media. They typecast all women. They either become soccer moms or they’re angry at not being paid equally or what have you.

But they’re always… The thing in common with the way women are portrayed and caricatured by mainstream media and Democrats is they’re always constantly mad and angry and feeling victimized — and blaming men for it.

And those are not the kind of women I’m talking about in my theory here. I think that the reason real women — like our first caller today and like our last caller, and like pretty much all of the women who call this program. The reason they like Trump is the same reason the media hate the guy. And that is: He’s not PC-whipped. He’s not politically correct-whipped. He stands up for himself.

He’s not ashamed of himself. He’s not afraid, and he stands up and defends the women who work for him and the women who are close to him, as is evidenced by the latest news today. And that is the exact reason why the media can’t resist covering him, despite themselves. He’s so different. He’s so unbound. He’s so unpredictable. He’s so male. And they are, at the same time, offended by it but intrigued at the same time. Deep down — and I think you women will back me up on this out there.

Deep down, no real woman respects any man who can be so easily PC-whipped — or woman, either — and whatever else that you might say about Trump, that is something that he isn’t. I don’t think it’s hard to understand these things all. But you go to DC, you go to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and you look at the men? I mean, real men in that world are like the metrosexuals and the… You name it. And strong, able men, they’re mocked, laughed at, called Neanderthals or what have you.

It’s a nice(ish) thought, in its way, I suppose. Women like men who aren’t cowed by PC culture. It’s a bit surface and uncomplicated, but there is real truth in the idea that people, including women, respect people, including men, who are their own person and aren’t afraid of social pressure to conform. This is a trait especially admired on the right. It stands to reason that women on the right would find that an attractive quality in men on the right. Of course, when it comes to choosing who to support for President, one might expect other factors to weigh in, but sure, I guess it’s a fine theory to float about Donald if you pretend some minor surface attribute is how women decide things. I guess.

Bad news, though, for Kimberly Ross, Sara Gonzales, Susan Wright, Mary Katharine Ham, Dana Loesch, Ericka Andersen, Amanda Carpenter, Katie Jerkovich, Sarah Rumpf, Liz Mair … well you know their names. Not real women I guess.

My mistake all these years has been in believing that women are individuals who make value decisions based on a variety of factors, rather than a cartoonish and predictable teeming mass of hormones who just want to admire muscles. My mistake.

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