DUDE: Trump ADMITS to Jimmy Kimmel that he Used to Use the Infamous Alias

Last night, Donald Trump was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Kimmel managed to wrangle more headlines and news out of this one interview with Trump than Sean Hannity has produced in his 74,328 interviews to date. He even managed to spark a debate agreement between Trump and Sanders! Waaat??


During the late night appearance, Trump revealed that he has, in fact, used aliases when speaking to people, including the one that reporter Sue Carswell said that he used. Seriously:

“Over the years, I’ve used alias,” says Trump. “I actually used the name Barron.”

He goes on to say that he used it to set up meetings with himself. Like some kind of fake representative of himself, talking about himself in the third person, to benefit himself.

You know, basically the exact idea he was offended by two weeks ago and, oh yes, in the first 10 seconds of this EXACT INTERVIEW. It is worth noting, again, that Trump stated under oath that he used these fake identities when talking to reporters. The thing he now denies. Sort of. But also admits. Sort of.

Yeesh. I don’t know which of his personalities is the crazy one, but it’s definitely calling the shots lately, that’s for sure.


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