Seriously, I'm Asking. What Is It With Hillary and Dogs? [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton tries really hard to talk like a regular person, to connect to regular people. But she is not regular people. She is weird. And weirdly focused on dogs and dog-related metaphors. Take this, for example, from a speech she gave this week.


Dog trainers are paid more than child care workers. You know, look, I believe in training dogs. But, you don’t dress your dog up and send your dog to kindergarten, do you? You don’t dream of sending your dog to college, do you? You don’t worry about whether your dog is going to be exposed to dangerous influences because you can’t afford quality childcare, do you? This is crazy.

It’s of course a totally arbitrary and weird comparison. We don’t send bridges to college either, but I bet there are engineers who make more money than a daycare employee. It’s not a very well-chosen metaphor either for a pro-choice candidate to compare children and animals.

Simple, stupid wage comparisons are a staple of Democrat politicians who must appeal to simple, stupid Democrat voters. It’s why they still believe the gender pay gap lie. But even for them, I think the species gap is a little too awkward and weird.

Not that weird dog-related things have been a problem for Hillary. Remember?


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