DOH! Donald Trump FIRED Ben Carson for his Dumb VP Shenanigans


Turns out Donald doesn’t trust Dr. Carson as much as the two of them would have you believe … and they didn’t have you believing it was all that much in the first place. Carson was loudly put in charge of finding a Vice Presidential pick for candidate Trump, but apparently his selections didn’t meet expectations, prompting Donald to use his stupid favorite line about being fired. No, I’m not going to say it. It’s trite and easy. Previously it was reported that Carson left the VP team by choice.


Here’s what happened, from The Daily Beast:

Since the former neurosurgeon has taken up the role of working on Donald Trump’s vice presidential team, he has suggested that the candidate may pick a Democratic running mate, dropped she-who-must-not-be-named Sarah Palin as a potential pick and earlier generally questioned a number of the presumptive nominee’s habits from his Twitter useto lack of pragmatism.

So he was off the VP team in a hurry.

Last week, Armstrong Williams (his business manager and close confidant), told The Daily Beast that Carson left the team of his own volition. Carson had bigger and more important things to do, according to Williams, like preparing Trump for his meeting with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

But three sources close to the Trump campaign said Carson didn’t leave on his own. He was pushed.

According to sources close to Trump’s campaign, Carson was demoted after Trump specifically wanted him to head up the VP selection team.

And there’s a lot more. How long before he is sidelined altogether?

Carson’s defection to Trump after Trump trashed him as mentally unstable, comparing him to a pedophile, was already a bad sign for the famous doc’s dedication to principle. Since then, Trump has treated him how you would expect, like the kid he only allowed on the plane because he has a hot mom. Any Carson hold-outs sticking with Trump because of Ben’s endorsement should give up that line of reasoning. Obviously Trump just used Carson, and even more obviously Carson’s judgment is seriously impaired.



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