Anti-Gun Hysteria Strikes Again: Don't Wear This Tie Pin, Bitter Clingers

This is the kind of small story that a lot of people pass on but really pisses me off. Big madness is built on small delusion. In this case, the delusion that you are somehow promoting safety by banning a depiction of a gun. Mind you, not in an elementary school or a monastery, but in a City Council meeting for full-size, grown-up adults. Theoretically anyway.


Here’s the offending image, via Twitter:

From the Arizona Independent:

On Tuesday, as Mark Spear, made his way into a meeting of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, he was stopped by security and forced to remove his machine gun shaped tie tack. Spear, affectionately known in southern Arizona as the Man In Black, had come to the meeting to challenge the Board’s proposed anti-texting ordinance. Spear checked his small pewter Thompson submachine gun tie tack with security Later in an interview on the James T. Harris radio show, Spear said, “If the tie clasp could hold bullets, they would have to be .0045 caliber.

This is anti-gun culture. It’s nutty, it’s stupid, it’s hysterical, it’s absurd. And it’s utterly typical of leftism in America today. City councils across America are filled with do-nothing busybody weirdos. Democrats, in other words. And their madness extends from bathroom bullying to tie-pin paranoia.

It’s infuriating. I don’t have a solution.

h/t Conservative Tribune


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