"UNLAWFUL ACTION": Louisiana and Pennsylvania BLAST Obama's Bathroom Tyranny


President Obama’s plan to put men in women’s bathrooms isn’t going so well. Just a few days ago we told you about 12 states fighting back against his decree that public schools pull the switcheroo or lose funding. Now even more states are on board. On Wednesday, Louisiana and Pennsylvania both blasted Obama’s power grab.


Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry announced that he was fighting back in dramatic fashion, sending a letter across the state to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Board of Regents, Louisiana High School Athletic Association, Louisiana School Boards Association, Louisiana Community and Technical College System Board, and Office of Juvenile Justice declaring that Obama has “no legal authority” for the action.

In a press release, his office states:

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced that he would vigorously defend the State and its citizens from unlawful action threatened by the Obama Administration’s recent mandate that public schools allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

I write to provide information to you and the schools and students you supervise, manage, and/or advise and to reassure you that– as your Attorney General– I will vigorously defend the State and its citizens from unlawful action threatened on the basis of this incorrect interpretation of law. Although the Administration’s actions are not legally binding, its actions are certainly not benign – the threat alone to the State or any local entity’s receipt of federal funds pursuant to Title IX not only jeopardizes the safety and wellbeing public education funding structure. I am currently evaluating further legal actions that may be necessary to protect our State.

Let me be perfectly clear: President Obama and his appointees do not have legal authority to require our children to share locker rooms and bathrooms with children of the opposite sex. More specifically, the federal government cannot change existing law through “unofficial guidance;” cannot impose new conditions in existing programs then restrict continued receipt of funds on these new conditions without the consent of the States; and cannot threaten to revoke funds based upon new and unfounded interpretations of law that are contrary to existing regulations and judicial settled interpretations of Title IX.3 The Administration’s legal interpretation has been uniformly rejected by the federal courts.”


He joins Texas and other states in making direct threat of legal action to protect the state from Obama’s unlawful threats. And that’s not all.

In Pennsylvania, a different sort of fight, as State lawmakers stand up against Federal overreach.

Pennsylvania House State Government Committee Majority Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) and 96 of his colleagues signed and sent a letter to President Obama calling his decree “spurious” and an “unconstitutional intrusion”.

Again note that, as with every other state fighting this, they cite the law, the constitution, and Obama’s abusive federal arm-twisting. Not “we hate transgender kids” or “down with gay marriage” or whatever other fake and grotesque emotional ploy the left throws out in their attempt to hide the true transgression. It’s intolerance of abuse of power and subversion of the law, not intolerance of people.

Here are two excerpts from the blistering letter from Pennsylvania’s duly elected lawmakers:

We are writing to express our extreme outrage at the legally spurious “Dear Colleague” letter issued jointly by the Department of Education and the Department of Justice on Friday, May 13, 2016 regarding the use of bathrooms by transgender students in public schools.

The “Dear Colleague” letter is an unconstitutional intrusion by the federal government into an area that should be and is legally handled locally by school districts who best know their students and parents. At its core, the letter sacrifices the fundamental privacy rights associated with intimate bodily functions for millions of school students. Plainly, this directive will allow men to go into legally sex-separated bathrooms with young girls. ‘l’he parents of these young girls are rightly concerned about your policy and its implications for their daughters’ safety.

The fact that this directive mandates a change in already established law under Title IX with no regard for the legislative process is indefensible. It is the duty of Congress to address any changes in statutory law. The letter’s threat to federal funding for public schools which do not comply with this unsupported directive is a deliberate attempt to circumvent the Constitutional legislative process and flies in the face of the very idea of a Constitutional Republic as envisioned by this country’s founders. Art. I. § I of the United States Constitution (“All legislative Powers.. shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”).

We urge the President to direct that the “Dear Colleague” letter be rescinded immediately.


The left has not been able to make the objections go away. It has not been able to crush opposition by fingernail pulling over “tolerance”. They have tried to claim the mantle of civil rights and invoked Jim Crow and generally been giant dramatic whiners about the whole thing. But they haven’t stopped the fight.

North Carolina refused to bend. Texas refused to bend. Some 16 states have refused to bend. You can only push so far. America is not so cowed by the left’s culture war that you can push men into the bathroom with little girls.

Back off, Mr. President. The States aren’t letting you or your extremist allies get away with it this time.



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