Ted Cruz: No Regrets

“I don’t know what the future will hold. We may face some challenging days ahead. We may face growing challenges going ahead but I am convinced that movement, the men and women gathered here will be the remnant, will be the core of pulling this country back from the abyss.” – Ted Cruz, Texas GOP Convention,


The campaign is over, the thank you notes have been sent and received. No endorsement looms as yet. But yesterday, we did get one more great moment from a truly great group. The final video from the Ted Cruz campaign.

His was one of the most expert, organized, and well-run campaigns in memory. He made it the farthest, even with the GOP establishment dead set against him and betrayals by petty losers like John Boehner. But there is a future ahead, for Ted Cruz and for those who worked for and with him.

I’m just a blogger, but I add my own meager personal congratulations to everyone on Ted’s team. It was a helluva run.



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