RACIST MURDER FANTASY: The Butler Did It, But Team Trump Lied About It


Donald Trump’s butler has been in the news today, which is a hilarious thing to type. It turns out his trusted Alfred has a pretty mean streak and wanted someone to assassinate the President of the United States because of black people or something. No, for real.


Donald Trump’s longtime butler wants President Obama killed — thinks Hillary Clinton is a “LYING DECEIVING C**T !!!!!!!” and that Ferguson, Missouri, should be “carpet bombed.”

On Thursday, Mother Jones magazine’s David Corn reported Anthony Senecal, who served as Trump’s butler for 17 years before becoming the real estate mogul’s in-house “historian” at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, has been taking to Facebook to rant about how the current president should be hanged.

“Looks like that sleezey bastard zero (O) is trying to out maneuver Congress again, if the truth be known this prick needs to be hung for treason!!!” Senecal declared on his Facebook page on April 21, 2015.

Senecal confirmed to Mother Jones that he wrote that post: “I wrote that. I believe that.”

The Secret Service confirmed on Thursday that they would investigate Senecal. “The U.S. Secret Service is aware of this matter and will conduct the appropriate investigation,” spokesman Robert Hoback emailed The Daily Beast. (Threatening the life of the president is a federal crime.)

A review of Trump’s butler/historian’s beyond far-right—and often vulgar—Facebook posts show they frequently veer into overt racism.


Or to put that more briefly: he’s a Trump supporter.

But, but, but, he’s not the butler anymore, said the Trump campaign, claiming the man hadn’t been around for some time. Which of course put his Twitter base at ease. Not that they cared about him being a homicidal racist, they were fine with that. But at ease that the stupid story that doesn’t matter would have to go away because Glorious Leader had the foresight to cut off his friend and loyal servant at a time when it suited his political whims.

Only, as it turns out, he didn’t, actually. Jilt Jeeves, that is.

Here’s the thing, though. Just less than two months ago, The New York Times ran a profile on Senecal, who was then described as “Mr. Trump’s longtime butler.” Does anyone remember Trump’s people trying to distance him from Senecal back then?

Twitchy points out theses Tweets, with a damning excerpt:


What’s more, when Senecal tried to retire, Trump dissuaded him!

So if you haven’t kept up with all of this butlery, let’s boil it down to what this actually means.

They lied. Again.

It’s sort of like his campaign’s calling card now. If you’re ever running low on lies, just contact Donald Trump, he’s got plenty to spare. And if he’s not at home, hey, they have a guy who handles things for him. Just do yourself a favor and be a white guy.



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