Marco Rubio Anti-Endorses Trump and his VP Spot in Awesome and Definitive Facebook Post

Senator Marco Rubio is making it absolutely, abundantly, 100% clear that he definitely will not consider accepting a VP nod from Donald Trump, should Trump become the nominee in fact (as opposed to presumptive). In a post on Facebook yesterday, not only did he completely rule it out, he was pretty definitive that Trump can expect no support from him at all.


Take your job and shove it. Perfectly to the point.

Note that he states that his reservations haven’t changed, and specifically mentions surrogates. In other words, you won’t see him out there encouraging people to vote for Trump against Hillary, if he stands by this statement. There is no reason to think he won’t.

This is, despite the mewling and howling from the Trump masses, a principled stand and it is not, despite the wailing and whimpering from the Trump apologists, a vote or support for Hillary.

Voting for and supporting someone are affirmative acts. You can rationalize it all you want by saying you are simply trying to stop Hillary, but what you are doing as a matter of actual reality and facts is affirmatively endorsing Trump.

The hysterical crowd often say that not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary. I encourage you to counter that by saying voting for Trump is voting FOR Trump. Not against Hillary. For him. No matter what pleasant fiction you sell yourself.


Senator Rubio doesn’t say who he will vote for. But what he does say is that he won’t be stumping for Trump. That’s more than can be said for Bobby Jindal or Rick Perry. A lot more. And good for him.

UPDATE: Rubio tells Tapper he WILL support Republican nominee, per pledge!


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