BREAKING: Marco Rubio Tells Tapper He WILL Honor the Pledge to Support Nominee - Even Trump

In the last hour, Senator Marco Rubio gave his first full interview since suspending his campaign for President. It was wide-ranging and, because it was Jake Tapper interviewing him, it was fair, insightful, and probing. Tapper rightly pressed Senator Rubio on Trump, and got a definitive answer to the question of his support.


I’ve signed a pledge that said I’d support the Republican nominee and I intend to continue to do that.

There you go.

As we reported this morning, Rubio put up a post on Facebook this week making it clear that in no way would he consider being Trump’s nominee, and that in no way does he rescind any of his concerns about the man. However, speaking to Tapper just a short time ago, he confirmed that he will honor his pledge to support the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Even if it is Donald Trump.



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