The Best Tasting, Finest, Largest, Most Flavorful Donald Trump Video Yet, 'Believe Me'

Donald Trump likes to sell. He sells his name and his brand, which is not an inherently bad thing. IF you have a good product. But we have a long American tradition of mocking and ridiculing the salesmen for crap products. Here’s a new Heatstreet video that upholds that time-honored practice:


Trump is a flim-flam man. He does his selling in the most predictable way possible. Can’t you just picture him saying “Always Be Closing?” Look at those hand motions! They are right at home with any late night real estate “system” or knife set.

Heatstreet already showed how Donald is Obama Part Two. Our Principles PAC has one out right now showing the Hillary-ous consequences of Trump. And now Heatstreet brings the heat again, exposing the huckster in true form. Like the other Heatstreet videos, it’s funny AND terrible.

2016, you guys. It’s a train wreck.


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