KKK Leader Hates Ted Cruz, Endorses Donald Trump: 'What He Believes In, We Believe In.' [VIDEO]

In Virginia, NBC affiliate WWBT ran an investigation into the local KKK after fliers were circulated in the area recruiting new members. As part of their coverage, the station interviewed the “Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” who, in making the case that they are not a hate group, volunteered that they are more political than anything. This lead to a natural question, which you can see below.


Yep, he endorses Trump. It’s important to note that this wasn’t some cable news producer sniffing around for a “racist Trump fans” story. The KKK actively recruited in the area. The did so specifically for political reasons … you know, the “up and down the ballot” concerns they have. The leader of the group volunteered that they were political, and stated that they support Donald Trump. And here is the reason he gave:

“I think Donald Trump would be best for the job.”

“The reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes in, we believe in. We want our country to be safe.”

Look, yes, you can’t control who endorses you, or the candidate you support. But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to ask yourself why they do. What is it you believe in?

And on the topic of belief, in the full interview, the KKK leader explains how they want people to see them. The fact is it should sound familiar if you’ve ever encountered a certain type of Trump supporter online (like most of us have):

“Neo-Nazis and Skin Heads are socialist. We are not socialist. We are patriotic American citizens standing up for our God family and country. We are not white supremacists. We are white separatists. We choose to stay within our own race. We are not the big bad hate group that everybody thinks we are.


That’s what they believe in.

And that’s not all, after embracing Trump, he goes on to say they do not support Ted Cruz, citing birtherism. “He’s not an American citizen,” claims the KKK Imperial Wizard.

The KKK. They like Trump. They don’t like Cruz. Now you know.

Oh by the way? The Wizard disavowed skinheads. Something Trump’s people can’t bring themselves to do. How about that.

The full clip of the second half of the interivew, from NBC12:
The other half of the segment is available from NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA

UPDATE: I am working out of a coffee shop today as I wait for kids to finish practice and didn’t realize the estimable streiff had already covered this topic before I posted it. That’s my bad.


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