VIDEO: Ted Cruz Responds to Anti-Trump Protests in California; This Is "Not Acceptable"

Senator Ted Cruz was asked by a reporter today for his opinion on the Trump protests that took place at the California Republican Convention, which we reported earlier prevented Trump from accessing the front of the building. Cruz called them out for being agitators and trying to silence others. But he still spared word to imply disapproval of how Trump and his people choose to deal with them.


“The First Amendment protects everyone’s right to speak. But you don’t have a right to threaten violence, you don’t have a right to shout down others, and these protesters appear to be trying to use violence and threats. These are the strategies of, of the left wing agitators, who try to silence a voice they don’t like. If you disagree with a particular voice, the way to deal with it is with civil discourse, with respectful discourse. You know, when I have protesters that’s how I deal with the protesters. Not inciting violence, not shouting people down, but engaging in civil discourse. And I think – to the extent these protesters are crossing the line to violence, and I haven’t seen much of the coverage today but my understanding is things have gotten pretty ugly out there – uh that is not appropriate, that is not acceptable to threaten violence as the protesters are doing. And they are entitled to express their own views but not in a way that is disruptive and muzzles others.”


The video is split screen and you can hear the crazy protesters getting loud in the other camera view while Cruz is talking.

Ted is course right, as usual. As we’ve covered many times at RedState, these activists are usually organized and often paid and have big money organizations behind them. Their intent is to silence opposing speech, permanently and by virtually any means. They are the bad guys. And they won’t stop with Trump.

But just to be clear, Trump and his supporters aren’t “the good guys” by extension. There are merely, in this case, the less bad guys.


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