HAHA! Heh. Ugh. Who Is REALLY The President of the United States? [VIDEO]

This is both funny and terrible, which sort of seems to be the trend in new HeatStreet videos lately. Of course, Obama is President, but President Obama sure seems to be focused on the fun part of his job. Does he have any clue about, or hand in, the important parts? Check out this wicked burn:

Barack Obama remains the nominal president of the United States, but as he enters the final months of his second term, he’s made a concerted effort to enjoy the frivolous perks of high office while he still can—at least until President Hillary Clinton nominates him to the Supreme Court in 2018.

Just …. no. No to all of that.

Also I can think of like a million other examples off the top of my head. Hilarious video. Sad video. There are also a dozen or so tweets from major news organizations showing how they coddle and encourage the Unserious President over at Heatstreet.

This is what happens when Americans vote for emotional, cult-of-personality candidates. Why do I bring that up? No reason.

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