"If You Are Fearful, Arm Yourself." - Powerful Advice from Ohio Law Enforcement [VIDEO]

This weekend, eight members of a family were murdered “execution-style” in Ohio. State Attorney General Mike DeWine called the carrying out of the killings a “sophisticated operation,” and indicated that the killers attempted to obscure the scene with forensic counter-measures.


The ages of the dead range from 16 to 44. Among the survivors were children, including a newborn infant.

Sunday night, the Sheriff of Pike County Charles Reader held a press conference to discuss the investigation, and that’s when he issued the important warning.

I can tell you if you are fearful, arm yourself. If you feel that you need to protect yourself or family, do so, and contact the local law enforcement to come and to respond to it.

This is sober and righteous advice. It is always applicable, or should be, and especially so for families in the area after such a horrific crime. It is also exactly the kind of thing liberal gun-grabbers don’t want you to be able to do, and you can expect them to trash him for saying it.

As the investigation unfolds and a motive is sought, police have confirmed marijuana-growing operations at each of the 4 sites where the coordinated murders took place. They have not yet officially stated that this was a drug-related crime, but if it is, that is all the more reason to take the Sheriff’s wise and timely advice. Crime begets crime, and a drug war in your backyard is reason indeed to be fearful. Especially with the killers still at large.


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