GENIUS Video Tackles (& Parodies) Bathroom Social Justice and Everyone Should Watch This Instant

This is genius. I don’t have a preamble, just press play.

From Steven Crowder’s website:

Men and women are different. They have different reproductive parts. Different hormones. Therefore they’ve tended to use different bathrooms. Different locker rooms. Because, well… they’re different! But what about those gender-confused individuals who aren’t quite sure if they’re a Tommy or a Tammy? What happens to them? Fortunately we found one brave Bill, who would journey to the capitol to become Jill. Thank you, Schoolhouse Rock!

So you see! All it takes for survival is one brave Bill, who fights against hate, bigotry, intolerance to become Jill. Don’t like it? You’re a shill! You want men with balls to have their own stalls? What gall! Why they too could be girls. Complete with very fine curls. Yet there you sit with such hate, keeping closed the bathroom gates. Stop using so much force! Get off that religious high horse!


It’s great, and it’s funny, and it’s a brilliant concept, and it also happens to be dead on the money. The issues raised and discussed are the central issues and the airing Steven gives them is pitch perfect. I can’t say enough about it. Send it to your friends and make them watch it. For awareness and education. That’s what the left wants right? Don’t they say that? Awareness and education? This is that. And it’s amazing.



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