[LISTEN] Rubio SLAMS Trump Idiocy On Delegates: There's "No Invalid Way" For GOP to Choose Nominee

Marco Rubio gave a talk radio interview today to WIOD in Miami, and of course the topic of Trump (and Cruz) was a dominant one. His answer on delegates will surely infuriate Trump fans, but it is absolutely correct. And it’s right. Trump’s demagoguery is stupid and dishonest and meant to incite.

Listen here (you can skip ahead to about 2:18 in the clip):

“The Republican Party, the Democrat Party, they are private organizations. There’s basically no invalid way of choosing your nominee. They can — I’m not advocating this obviously — but you can just put a bunch of names in a hat and pull a name out and say: ‘This is our nominee.’ It’s a private organization. They have a system. And everybody knew that going in.”

  Transcript courtesy Politico

That’s the money right there. But as I have said numerous times, neither the Trump campaign nor its legions seem to have any special or remarkable interested in freedom, liberty, free enterprise, or the autonomy of private organizations. They also have no interest in math, as evidenced by their continuous and absurdly incorrect representations of how the delegates are being assigned in this thing. “They had a system and everyone knew that going in,” adds Rubio.

More gold:

“I think the argument that Trump is making is ‘this game – just like the economy,’ he’s saying, ‘the politics is rigged.’ And well, I wouldn’t call it rigged. These are the rules. He knew the rules, or should have, going in. “

Yes. Correct. Excellent.

“I do think it’s valid to argue to delegates, ‘look, let’s not divide the party, you have someone here who has all these votes, very close to get 1,237, let’s not ignore the will of the people or they’re gonna be angry.’ And delegates may decide that, on that reason, they decide to vote for Donald Trump. But if they don’t, it is not illegitimate in any way. that’s why w, elect delegates, you know, that’s the meaning of being a delegate, it’s choosing a nominee that can win.”


After all those swipes at the fool and his fools, Rubio does offer one small olive branch. Asked if he would support Trump as the nominee he replied:

“Yeah, I’ve always said I’m going to support the Republican nominee and that’s especially true now that it’s that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic candidate.”

A terrific interview, which surprises no long time Rubio fan, and once again an interesting example of Rubio fighting for the party and its voters despite his uncertainty about where he wants to go in the future. Awesome, awesome job.

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