The Big Crapple: Your Complete New York Primary Results and Current Delegate Projection


Last night was the New York Primary and, as predicted, it was a big old scary reminder of what our largest city has done to a state that seemed like a pretty good idea at one point. We’re going to do the Dems and so get your antacid and fainting couch and let’s do this.

New York (Republican): Donald Trump absolutely crushed it in his home state, somehow beating already high expectations and taking a huge 60.5% of the vote. Gov. John Kasich came in second a respectable 25.1%, and Senator Ted Cruz in a weak third with a mere 14.5%.

As a result, Donald Trump took 89 of the 95 delegates, and the final count will probably put him at 90. John Kasich has won 3, but may get as many as 5. Ted Cruz took zero and will stay at zero.

New York (Democrat): Secretary Hillary Clinton won in her “home” state of New York, taking 57.9% of the vote, with Sen. Bernie Sanders taking 42.1%.

As a result, Hillary gained 135 more delegates to her unbreakable lead and Sanders added 104 to his … total.

So basically the news couldn’t be worse … at first glance, but here are things to remember. 1) There were fewer than half as many votes cast in New York’s GOP primary as there were in Wisconsin’s, and Cruz smoked Trump in Wisconsin. 2) This is the first and only time Trump has ever gotten more than 50% of the popular vote. And 3) IT AIN’T OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER.

Note: as always, these are the results as they stand at the time of publication. There may be slight changes as the day wears on.

And now for the big moment: the delegate totals.

The Day: RedState puts the new total delegates to date (for the remaining three) at:
DONALD TRUMP:        845
SEN. TED CRUZ:            559

Photo taken from Central Park shortly after Trump's win was announced.
Photo taken from Central Park shortly after Trump’s win was announced. Unknown photographer. Did not survive.