As Pittsburgh Trump Crowd Boos Megyn Kelly, Hannity Grins & Gives Trump A Towel [VIDEO]

Wow dude. How far gone is Sean Hannity? See for yourself:

“We’ll see what happens.”

That meeting with Megyn must have gone really well. It took like an hour from her calling Trump gracious to his fans raucously booing her as he and Sean smile with approval. Trump paid a little lip service to the idea that he’s done calling her a loser and talking about her … wherever, but in typical fashion, it was neither clear nor definitive.


She called last week and they set up a meeting, they said ‘could we come up’ and I said ‘would you come to Trump tower’ because I didn’t want any confusion. And she did, and she was very, very nice.

Crowd shouting and booing here, clearly negative. But Sean and Donald press on.

I think it was just, maybe it was time, or maybe she felt it was time. And by the way in all fairness I give her a lot of credit for, you know, for doing what she did. Because, I don’t know, you know, it took a certain amount. So, let’s see what happens.

Sean’s reaction? A big dumb grin and a Terrible Towel. Which is kind of a fitting gesture since that’s the same item the network seems to have thrown in.

Sean may have thrown a “no” in there at some point. No guarantee to whom that was directed or for what. But no defense of Megyn. Not even a kind word. He just quickly moved on to the Trump “big smile” moment to please his fans. Because that is why Sean Hannity airs these Trump love specials. To put people on Trump’s side. And apparently to tacitly approve trashing Megyn Kelly.


What a man.



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