Bernie Sanders Lies About Verizon, Gets TOTALLY Busted, Then Lies More Anyway [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders, obviously, loves playing class warfare. And I guess it is with the word “war” in mind that he feels comfortable lying. You know, because all’s fair


Today, Verizon workers are on strike. In an attempt to capitalize that, Sanders on Monday told an adoring crowd of socialists that Verizon, ““in a given year has not paid a nickel in taxes.” That sure fires up the crowd. The big fatcats getting off scot-free while the working class suffers. You know “of the world unite” and all that. Only it was, like socialism writ large, a lie.

That didn’t sit well with Verizon’s CEO, who posted a scathing response Wednesday to the Democratic presidential candidate’s “contemptible” and ”uninformed views.”

“[Sanders’] first accusation – that Verizon doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes – is just plain wrong,” Lowell McAdam wrote in a LinkedIn piece. ”As our financial statements clearly show, we’ve paid more than $15.6 billion in taxes over the last two years – that’s a 35% tax rate in 2015, for anyone who’s counting. …”

Busted. And he included those financial statements. They There was a lot more too. Here’s one of my favorite parts from the ticked-off CEO:

Sen. Sanders has also involved himself in our on-going negotiations with the labor unions representing some 36,000 communications workers in our wireline business, a bargaining process that has been going on since last June. At a labor convention in Philadelphia last week, Sanders claimed that Verizon is demanding that workers take pay cuts and reduce health benefits or see their jobs shipped overseas.

Again, Sen. Sanders is wrong on the facts. More egregiously, he oversimplifies the complex forces operating in today’s technologically advanced and hyper-competitive economy.


It’s the best part because it shows that, like most meddlesome Democrat politicians, he is hurting those he pretends to help. Still, not to be deterred by being completely spanked and exposed for his falsehoods, Bernie double down when he visited the picket line today, no doubt with visions of Cesar Chavez dancing in his head.

“Trying to destroy the lives of working Americans.” Destroy? Come on, Bern.

The only change he made is the added “they want to,” which is no difference at all in context. Democrat rabble rousers like Sanders and Trump don’t need facts. They have rhetoric. And anger. And jealousy. And lies.

For more from the Verizon CEO’s devastating take-down, click here.



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