This New Ted Cruz Simple Tax Video Quite Simply Makes Everything Perfectly Clear ... And Simple

What does it make clear? Not just Cruz’s simple flat tax plan, but the bigger difference between his campaign and Donald’s.

Do you see what that was? That was a clear explanation of a policy goal. It was also an appeal to the actual conservative and Republican set of values the party supposedly embraces, such as limited government, reducing the burden of government on citizens, and necessarily, an increase in individual liberty and freedom.


These are all things that Donald Trump and his campaign don’t talk about and don’t care about. Trump is coming up with tax and tariff schemes. His loony supporters are crafting new and insane ways for the government to interfere in free markets. The bottom line is the Trumpism is not, and has never been, simply about those simple, Reaganite ideas like lower taxes and getting government out of your life.

That’s what it makes clear. What should already be abundantly clear. The difference between a big government plutocrat, and a small government conservative.



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