It's Finally Official: Trump and Clinton WIN Missouri Primary ... For Now

On Tuesday morning, Missouri finally and officially certified the results of their March 15 Primary, with Donald Trump winning the GOP and Hillary Clinton for the Dems.


If you will recall, on both sides of the aisle the race was simply too close to call on Super Tuesday.

In the end, Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz by only 1,729 votes at 382,094 to 380,365. There were over 933,000 votes cast in total in the GOP primary.

But guess what? That tiny margin means that, yes, there is still time to request a recount. Under Missouri law, they have 7 days to challenge it. They probably won’t. Sanders already said he wouldn’t. But …

Trump will take 25 delegates on the first ballot. Cruz picks up 15. As has been the case in several states now, that does not necessarily reflect how voting will go on the second ballot.


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