Special Flower Trump Throws Late Night Hissy Because Meanies Won't Let Him Steal the Nomination


On Friday night, the internet’s most precious and fragile snowflake Donald Trump tweeted his frustration that that GOP nomination isn’t simply being handed over to him.


Isn’t that just the “bless his heart”-iest? At the time of this posting, RedState was not able to confirm whether Trump was smoking cloves, cutting himself, and listening to Dashboard Confessional by candlelight while he was tweeting this, but we’re going to go ahead and assume so.

It’s not fair!! Trump doesn’t think it’s fair that he has to finish the primary. He doesn’t think it’s fair that if he arrives without a majority the GOP won’t be just handing him the whole thing anyway. He doesn’t think it’s fair that Billy got more ice cream than he did.

As we pointed out here at RedState earlier this week, everyone in the Trump Establishment is afraid they won’t be able to steal the convention and are doing everything they can think of to make sure that they can. Now the man-god himself is doing it. Because Trump and his people don’t care, or perhaps even know, what a majority means. They are just totally positive that he’s super crazy popular and his rallies are gigantic so just get with the program already okay? JUST JOIN THE FREAKING CULT. Forget the sun, long live the beast!!

Of course, he’s not as all-fired popular as he thinks. A fellow RedState contributor, writing on Facebook, points out that there’s only one state (Alabama) where at least 10% of the state’s eligible voters actually cast votes for Trump. The rest of the states have been 9% or less. It is, he writes, due to more than one factor, such as the fact that primaries attract fewer voters, but the fact is that means he’s not the head of some gigantic steam-rolling super movement. He has attracted more voters than Cruz. He has attracted fewer voters than there are those who voted for others. In every way you look at it, mathematically, the majority is against Trump.


The majority is against him.

He just doesn’t care. And neither do his mouthpieces. And neither do his cult members.

Oh and one more thing. Remember how, just after he entered the race, his new supporter base was always telling everyone “he fights” as some kind of rationale for supporting him? Yeah. He doesn’t fight. He whines. He literally whines about needing to fight. Like a giant, crying, stump-fingered, woman-hating, Flock of Seagulls headed baby. You know, if babies were in fights.

If you have a Twitter, do have some fun with this. It’s cathartic. Here’s a few examples from myself and others.



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