Lindsey Graham Agrees To Meet With Obama SCOTUS Pick Because Why NOT Undermine Entire Republican Party, Right?

South Carolina’s fancy Republican Lindsey Graham will be meeting with Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland as “a courtesy”, spokesman Kevin Bishop confirmed today. Theoretically, Graham still believes, like the rest of the GOP and all of its voters, that the seat should remain unfilled until after the election in November.


Graham is on the Senate Judiciary committee. He previously said he wouldn’t meet with Garland because they would have “nothing to talk about” reports The Hill. Riiiight. A ranking Republican senator on the actual Judiciary committee meeting with the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court and they won’t have anything to talk about.

Here’s an artist’s rendering of how the conversation might go:

Garland: “How’s the weather?”
Graham: “It’s fair.”
Garland: “Ha ha! Speaking of fair, I’ll be totally fair as a Justice.”
Graham: “OK fine you’re in.”

Script copyright The Future. All rights reserved, but not all rights will be preserved.

Bishop told CNN that the Senator “remains opposed to moving forward with the Garland nomination. He continues to believe the next president should pick the next nominee for the Supreme Court.” Hmm.

The Hill adds:

Asked Tuesday if the Senate could take up Garland’s nomination after the election, Graham said “absolutely not.”

“I’m sure he’s a great guy, no doubt about that,” he added. “[But] he’s not going to get… confirmed so what’s the purpose of a hearing?”


So what’s the “courtesy,” Senator? This is straight politicking, the kind Graham treasures. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. What they actually discuss may not be public, but what is accomplished is clear. Graham is helping to legitimize the President’s nomination, in contradiction to the party’s position and in support of the prospect of a liberal justice.

Lame. But very Graham.


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