Rush Limbaugh Suggests Corey Lewandowski Arrest Nothing But A Political Attack

Today on his program, conservative talk king Rush Limbaugh discussed the news breaking this morning that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been arrested and charged in the incident involving Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.


The Jupiter police have stated that it is an arrest, though Rush has his doubts. But he discusses the video and the incident itself at some length. Without saying it outright, it is clear Rush is suggesting that this entire situation is an invention of the media and “anti-Trump forces” to try and end his campaign; a politically motivated conspiracy feeding the Trump anti-woman narrative.

Of course, as anyone who reads RedState knows, Trump’s problems with women are not a manufactured narrative. He definitely has an electoral problem with women as well as an overt psychological problem with them. And the Jupiter police and countless other decent human beings see a problem specifically with what happened between Trump’s campaign manager and reporter Michelle Fields.

Rush does not believe that. Take a listen to this brief clip (transcript below.)

“Now the Corey Lewandowski situation, it’s, it’s kind of strange, the media cannot get enough of this. I mean CNN I think has been doing this for half an hour already. And all there is to this is this. Lewandowski has been charged, and there are two schools of thought. Some people say that he has not been arrested he has instead been served with an order to appear. So it’s, it’s not technically an arrest but it is a written order to appear in court on a certain day. And that’s where you essentially are arraigned, you enter your plea, and then they go from there. Now the Jupiter Police, however are saying he has been arrested. So there is some linguistics disparity here. But it is a misdemeanor. The maximum statutory penalties for what Lewandowski has been charged with, maximum one year behind bars, maximum one year probation. Either or. And or. And then whatever fines might be added to this as well. Now given that this would be a first offense.. You know you don’t know the political makeup of the prosecutor’s office, I mean there’s all kinds of factors that will weigh in on this. And of course Lewandowski’s gonna plead not guilty, which means it’s going to require proof on the part of the accusers.

“But what’s gonna happen here is the anti-Trump forces are going to start running with this, and my prediction is that they will fold this in to the effort they are making to show that Trump is just, (mocking voice) just doing so badly with women that he’s polling so horribly with women and now his campaign manager has been charged with roughing up a woman oh my g- … that’s the way they’re going to play this out. The opponents of Trump and the media as well. But that’s all it is right now. The denials that happened. The woman Michelle Fields with bruises on her arms.

“The video of this, I don’t know how many angles of it now, there are. But unless somebody can really slow-mo this video down and then use all kinds of graphic pointers and arrows on the screen you would never know this thing happened. You have to see it in slo-mo, someobody has to tell you where to look and what to look for. So, just in terms of video capture there’s nothing apparent that you can see. It happens when people are exiting the stage area, the podium area. And Trump was leaving, and he didn’t intend to answer any more questions. And there’s press all around and he’s got the entourage, uh acting as bodyguards and so forth, escorting him out of the ballroom at the Trump national golf club whatever the place was. And this woman, Michelle Fields, got in there somehow and tried to ask Trump a question. And the charge is that Lewandowski grabbed her arm and yanked her away from Trump and out of line, and that she almost fell to the ground there was such force being used. Trump did not see it and you could see on the video that he couldn’t. It happened behind him. He didn’t know, he didn’t even know this had gone on. Nobody knew it had gone on until Michelle Fields popped up, and there was a witness, a reporter from the Washington Post who was behind all this who said that he saw it, so there is, and there’s the bruises on her arms. So they’ve been unable to take Trump out using everything at their disposal. They have tried everything they know, both the media and the Republican establishment, and don’t think the Democrats haven’t been looking at this and figuring out how they would do it if the time comes. So this is the latest effort, this is the latest event that has presented itself, to maybe take Trump out of this.”


Rush Limbaugh, who is great and I still admire greatly, is totally missing huge points in this. He is making some major errors in judgment, and is basically looking at it completely wrong.

First of all, there is one obvious aspect that Limgaugh doesn’t even bring up: how the Trump campaign has acted since the incident was first reported. Lewandowski and other Trump loudmouths have brutalized her reputation, smeared her, caused an irreparable rift with her employer that resulted in her own resignation as well as that of many others. Lewandowski has harassed Fields on Twitter, calling her delusional among other things. Trump himself has smeared her as a liar and the campaign has generally treated her like a deranged crazy woman. They take pains to talk about her and act toward her like some stalker ex-girlfriend, which the thousands of scumbag #TrumpArmy social media users have reveled in. He and his staff have set a tone of disdain and rancor that is worn by his loyal following of amoral psychopaths like a human skin they stole, dried, cured, added buttons to, and called a coat.

And speaking of his staff, that’s another point Rush is missing. Lewandowski is a great big bag of problems, a loudmouth, and is generally indecorous, uncivil, and like his godless boss, does not ever seek forgiveness or admit any wrongdoing or even rudeness. Is not personnel policy? The guy has been arrested (yes, he has been arrested) for battery of a member of the press. A female member. As a conservative man, the idea should offend your sense of manliness, Rush. As a political expert, the idea of not firing this guy during a presidential campaign should offend your sense of not being a complete train wreck of a campaign.


I like Rush. He is a conservative, and I hate that people say he has “sold out” or that he is a Trump booster. Moreover he is important and people listen to him, and I am not. But I do think that he has missed big parts of this story, whether from simple lack of all the facts, or from a long, practiced, understandable skepticism of anything said by the press and especially from stories that smack of “War on Women” social justice idiocy. He’s got it wrong. Because he is important and people listen to him, that’s a big deal.

But this is not what you think it is, Mr. Limbaugh. Or at least what you suggest it is in the above clip. It is not a concoction or a conspiracy. This is real, and it is happening. And the Jupiter police have the handcuffs to prove it.


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