UPDATED: Shooter At U.S. Capitol Complex Taken Down By Capitol Police, Wounded And In Custody

The U.S. Capitol Building is locked down after reported shots fired. Capitol Police have issued a shelter in place order.

The White House is also on lockdown.


CBS affiliate WUSA9 is reporting exclusively that the “shooter is down.”

This story is developing and RedState will update this post as information becomes available.

UPDATE: 3:14p.m. Eastern – White House all clear given. CNN reports source says a man jumped the fence at the White House. Shots fired at Capitol complex appear to have been in the Visitors Center.

UPDATE 2: 3:33p.m. – One female civilian has been injured. One male suspect is on the way to the hospital. – AP

UPDATE 3: 4:00p.m. – The civilian female was wounded by “shrapnel.” The male suspect was shot by police. – CNN


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